The passionate hiker

The passionate hiker
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Long Distance Trail: Logging Pictures

Pictures from today's Long Distance Trail hike showing the impacts due to logging:

Climbing ridge from West Bragg Creek parking lot.
Skid path across south ridge

Skid path looking west down off the ridge

4-Way junction with Demi-Tel and Reconnect trails, looking west.  Long Distance North turns right here

Heading north from 4-way junction

North ridge - first signs of logging

On ridge looking west.  Logging right up to edge of trail.

Looking north along trail with logging along western edge of trail.

Most active area of logging, looking west from trail along ridge.

Logging debris across the trail for a short section along ridge.

Looking back along ridge, with debris across the trail.

Telephoto shot of logging road and logging activity to the west of the Long Distance Trail, but separated by young growth from the trail.

Long Distance trail crossing the northern haul road

Trail and haul road looking east.

Recent bear tracks

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